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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.0: Alex

Chapter 1.1: Roxanne

Chapter 1.2: Faye West

Chapter 1.3: Litework

Chapter 2.0: Roshan

Chapter 2.1: Roxanne

Chapter 2.2: Faye West

Chapter 2.3: Litework

Chapter 3.0: Ambassador Ratman

Chapter 3.1: Roxanne

Chapter 3.2: Faye West

Chapter 3.3: Litework 

Chapter 4.0: Timmy

Chapter 4.1: Roxanne

Chapter 4.2: Faye 

Chapter 4.3: Litework

Chapter 5.0: DeathoScope

Chapter 5.1: Roxanne

Chapter 5.2: Faye

Chapter 5.3: Litework

Chapter 6.0: NASCARnage

Chapter 6.1: Roxanne

Chapter 6.2: Faye West in: Attack of the Man-Bees!

Chapter 6.3: Litework in the Depths of Skull Island

Chapter 7.0: Captain Aneurysm Welcomes You to Radio Stigmata

Chapter 7.1: Roxanne vs. Teen Drinking 

Chapter 7.2: Faye West and Mina Negotiate With Terrorists

Chapter 7.3: Agent Litework At the Crossroads

Chapter 8.0: Hugo Clears the Bar

Chapter 8.1: Roxanne The Bone Breaker 

Chapter 8.2: Faye Wrassles Her Elders

Chapter 8.3: Agent Litework, Kidnapper

Next Week: Chapter 9.0- Curt Cash


Welcome to YOUTHFRONT, a superhero web serial by Nimrod Tzarking.

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YOUTHFRONT is a currently-running superhero web serial. Fifteen years ago the authoritarian president Bigley gained the powers of the world’s greatest superhero, Space Brother, during the infamous New Years Eve Attack. YOUTHFRONT centers around the first generation of supers grown up in the shadow of this regime.

YOUTHFRONT is available on WordPress and JukePop.Com. Updates are posted every Tuesday.

Who is Nimrod Tzarking?

Nimrod Tzarking is a writer working in the Kansas City area. He teaches in the city and writes fiction as well as material for tabletop RPGs. You can visit his blog or his product page on DriveThruRPG. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you have about YOUTHFRONT.