FRONTs (Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforces) are a special class of federal entity operating under the executive branch. FRONTs directly and specifically engage with Other-natural problems, mysteries and resources. Other-naturally infected individuals cannot work for any other branch of the Federal government.

FRONTs handle operations that are likely to result in Other-natural infection so that said infection-events may be managed so as to better suit the national interest. This may include research, containment, or reapplication of ‘wild’ Other-natural phenomena, artifacts and people.

All FRONTs operate under the Supreme Service branch of the government, which is in turn directly overseen by President Bigley. Each FRONT employs a core team of super-powered assets as well as a substantial support team of lab techs, security specialists, intelligence analysts, etc.


HOMEFRONT- Homeland Optimization, Management and Emergency Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforce. 

Founded in 2011 after the vigilante Deluge accidentally exacerbated a mass infection crisis, HOMEFRONT is today the world’s most iconic superhero team. In early years its members were movers, shakers and saviors of mankind. More recently, many of its founding members have had less time for fieldwork as they’ve taken on expanded responsibilities. Many of HOMEFRONT’s original operations have since been delegated to other organizations. President Roy Bigley currently serves as its director under the alias Space Brother.


RADFRONT- Research, Acquisition and Development Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforce

Formed in 2013 by Malcolm Crowe, RADFRONT’s mission focuses on understanding and exploiting Other-natural phenomena, especially towards the advancement of the arts and sciences. RADFRONT employs numerous experts in both the traditional and Other-natural sciences as well as experts in the constellation of phenomena colloquially known as ‘magic.’ RADFRONT has been under the full-time direction of Dr. Belinda Wiloughby since 2017.


VICEFRONT- Verification, International Crime and Encryption Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforce

Founded in 2018 by the hero Lady Panoptica, VICEFRONT focuses on collecting intelligence related to the Other-natural operations of rival powers, including rival nations, rogue corporations and organized crime groups. VICEFRONT currently remains under Lady Panoptica’s direction with Yaritza Magnan, AKA Flutterby, serving as Assistant Director.


ARMFRONT- American Reconstruction and Manufacturing Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforce

Also founded in 2018, ARMFRONT focuses on using Other-natural resources to improve and maintain the nation’s infrastructure. ARMFRONT’s founder, Midas Ultima, is the richest woman in the world, closely allied with numerous business owners in the construction and manufacturing industries. ARMFRONT’s most high-profile alliance is with Tobias Whately, billionaire scientist and inventor of the highly moldable, quick-setting building material known as Medusa Flesh.


YOUTHFRONT- Youth Oriented Urgent Training and Habituation Federally Recognized Other-Natural Taskforce

Founded in 2035 by Director Bridget Misenhelter, AKA Dr. Zeno, YOUTHFRONT is intended to help young supers receive vital training and networking on their way to becoming fully developed government assets. Operating out of Westchester New York, the program hopes to usher in a new era of Other-natural talent scouting and development.