What follows is a timeline of major events known to the public in the YOUTHFRONT universe.
May 28: The Other-Force hits earth, gifting Kansas comic shop owner Ted Truitt with the mantle of Spacebrother!
June 6: Space Brother sells his services to science, becomes an immediate celebrity and millionaire.
June 8: Truitt hires reporter Alex Alley to head his PR team. His message is one of peace through strength. “We’re all going to face tough times. But we just have to make ourselves stronger every day.”


April 2: NASA, The Pentagon, CDC, CIA, FBI, NSA, EPA and the Secret Service coordinate to actively assess and analyze Other-Natural forces.

February 2: Jaq Walsh and Tyaun Earle begin the project that will eventually lead to the invention of The Matryoshka Device.
October 31: The greatest Other-natural incursion since 1999 strikes Ellis Island, transforming it into the sprawling city state known as New Pandemonium.
November 3: Malcolm Crowe successfully summons the demon Malphas, gains the power to swap places with him at-will, makes a bargain for occult knowledge
November 11: In the early days of New Pandemonium’s birth a monster named Proteus is born. Formed from the infected sealife around New Pandemonium, it rampages through New York City, resulting in a major infection crisis.
November 12: Space Brother warns the nation, “This is an attack from a rival force- a wicked, left-hand shadow of The Other-Force. But we are strong, now. And we are getting stronger.”
November 13: New Pandemonium is declared to be under immediate temporary quarantine

December 4th: Malcolm Crowe founds the Twin Saints Corporation

January 22nd: With Space Brother’s help, the Matryoshka Device is completed. The Little Matron becomes a joint project of Drs. Walsh and Earle.
September 2nd: The controversial hero Al Hafiza manifests in Pastor Dan’s burning Quran. He tackles her, catches fire, and is infected.

May 9th: New Pandemonium is declared a Territory under Indefinite Special Quarantine (TISQ). Drs. Jaq Walsh and Tyaun Earle create the Quarantine Grid to contain it.
August 4th: Space Brother uses his powers to hold businesswoman Petra Thule’s blood in place long enough for doctors to save her life. After her subsequent infection she becomes the chemistry-defying hero Midas Ultima.

June 28th: Agent Litework born
December 3rd: A regular Visa program is established for New Pandemonium, allowing New Pandemonians to visit and even migrate to the mainland, and vice versa. The border between the areas is still heavily patrolled and TISQ status is not formally revoked.

May 18th: *New Pandemonium petitions for statehood, is denied

January 13th: Space Brother formally becomes a functionary of the Federal Government, founding HOMEFRONT.
November 2nd: Faye West is born

September 3rd: Petra Thule is declared the Richest Person on Earth by Forbes Magazine.
October 10th: New Pandemonium petitions to be made a part of New York City, is denied, but patrols are relaxed.
December 25th: Malcolm Crowe forms RADFRONT

March 16: The hero Witchblade appears. She has the power to carve any adjective into an object’s surface, making that adjective true for that object.
April 14th: Witchblade creates the Torch
May 6th: Special Operative Cormac Stevens becomes the original Torchbearer and joins HOMEFRONT

January 15th: Abigail {Your Last Name} is Born
September 6th: New Pandemonium petitions to be allowed to secede, is denied, prompting considerable public backlash against the New Pandemonium natives.
November 2nd: President Bigley is elected after a controversial endorsement from Space Brother
November 28th: Hannah Tovar is Born

January 17th: Bigley expands the Secret Service into the Supreme Service, folding HOMEFRONT and RADFRONT under its umbrella.
January 19th: Malcolm Crowe quits RADFRONT to focus full-time on his business; maintains extensive contracts with the Federal Government
February 9th: Aaron Truman Born
February 18th: Dr. Wiloughby becomes Director of RADFRONT
March 26th: Roxanne Atlas Born
May 12th: Elizer Kim is born
October 28th: President Bigley’s chief advisor, Salazar ‘Sleaze’ Gammon, retires abruptly to his private home on Skull Island, Florida.
November 1: Hans Kaplan is Born


January 20th: Alex Alley creates the 9 Bloody Muses

February 21st: Bigley’s congress slashes social programs, instead subsidizing the Twin Saints corporation so that they may expand their Chronic Employment Program

March 19th: Stewpot Joe whistles up the Big Rock Candy Mountain

April 2nd: Patrols of New Pandemonium are reinstated

May 6th:Lady Panopticon forms VICEFRONT

May 7th: Midas Ultimas forms ARMFRONT

August 16th:Fat Man and Little Boy are retconned into reality


January 11th: Maribel West and Captain Woodward form the Sugar Plum Fairies
December 31st: A devastating attack on New Years Eve kills Ted Truitt and Cormac Stevens, imbuing President Bigley with the power of Space Brother.

February 8th: Bigley declares the implementation of the New Pandemonium Special Visa Program
March 27th: Fat Man and Little Boy join HOMEFRONT
November 3: Bigley and his party sweep to a massive victory on a national level and in a huge majority of state governments

February 27th: The New Pandemonium Liberation Front forms
April 2nd: The Posse Communitatus Forms in New York City, Cincinnati and New Bayonne
July 4: The Regime calls for a constitutional convention. Changes made are seemingly minimal- the Regime claims this to be a ‘refinement’ rather than a ‘replacement.’ Regardless, this is used as the basis to drastically rewrite census procedures and electoral regulations, allowing the Regime to become, in effect, a one-state government with a vestigial opposition presence.

January-May: Chicago, Boston and New Orleans start Posse Communitatus chapters

June 1st: The Welfare Group is formed

February-October:St. Louis, Philadelphia and Austin join the Posse

July 9th: Winifred Schilling, disappointed in both the passivity of the Welfare Group and the disorganization of the Posse, joins the Posse in an attempt to help them organize. She meets with a mix of success and resentment. She recruits her associate Dr. Roselia Duarte to join the Chicago branch
August:Detroit joins the Posse Communitatus
September 12th:Little Boy changes his codename to Red Snow

March 15th:The Austin branch of The Posse Communitatus declares its official disassociation with Winifred Schilling and the New York branch; declares them hierarchical materialist capitalists; the New Orleans branch co-signs but further decries the superstition of the Austin branch

April 4th:The IntElect forms, briefly conducting its marketing campaign to mankind. HOMEFRONT eventually forces them to sublimate out of existence when Witchblade carves the word “DISLIKED” onto one of their vantage nodes, forcing them to flee in shame
May 19th: Mina Flores meets Faye West
September 30th:Jacksonville joins the Posse Communitatus
December 1st: Fat Man kills himself. There are massive protests at his funeral. President Bigley calls him “An American Hero.”

February 7th:Maribel West dies

August 15th:Faye West and Mina join the Sugar Plum Fairy Corps

June 3rd: Denver joins the posse communitatus

April 20: The terrorist entity known as the Decoherence Strategy attacks Topeka, KS. Every human being within city limits is temporarily overcome by a fugue state. P!ss Frog saves the day.